Code: BERF60T0001

€ 280,00

  • Graphical display illuminated from behind in blue color
  • Signal on the display indicating whether the caller is switched on or off by visualizing the ON or OFF status.
  • Swift lists: creates up to 6 lists of calls which can quickly be chosen, a very useful command for your orientation when you have got 60 calls at your disposal
  • Sophisticated timer for switching on, retardation, and - if you wish- intermittence, too.
  • Signal on the display indicating the reception level of the radio command and of the batteries' loading status.
  • High transmission power for a range of about 70 m.
  • Block for turning on the unit
  • Handles two F60-3D
  • Lithium batteries plus stock battery
  • Weight: 67 grams with battery
  • Conforms to CE regulations
  • 2 Years warranty