Code: BERMP300T01

€ 780,00

The  MP300 is a high power digital reproducer with radio control unit, able to generate 50 watt of power. It's at disposal with up to 40 calls, all in a very high quality and resolution sound, with the possibility to play 2 different calls in the two outputs at the same time.

Integrated weekly timer and easy display O-LED.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED MEMORY: Immediately after the purchase, you will enable a blue MEMORY button that will allow you to access our LISTENING SONGS from which you can listen and create the memory with your favorite calls.

If you do not have time to choose the calls to close the order, don't worry, you will receive an email with a link to click that will send you on our LISTEN where you can listen and create the memory with the calls you prefer when you want!

We advise you to complete the selection of calls within 10 days.

The radio unit can control 2 different devices:1 MP300 and 1 C36T16 or 2 MP300 .

The highly technological content of this digital device, together with a wide selection of very special calls, make the MP300 Player highly competitive.

Strength is the simplicity of use.

  • keyboard to select calls and regulate the volume.
  • 1 Radio control unit which allows the control of 2 different devices:1 MP300 and 1 C36T16 or 2 MP300 .
  • Very easy menu.
  • Double audio outputs RCA 25 watts each.
  • Weekly timer for planned ignitions.
  • Plug to connect the external battery (12 Volt)
  • Energy saving circuit for a long battery life.
  • Display LCD O-LED 2,5"
  • It comes with a camouflage bag, trumpet for acquatics and quails in black or camouflaged color, connection cord for external battery with pliers.
  • Dimension: about 11,5×8,5xh2,8 cm.
  • Weight: g. 145
  • Conforms to CE regulations.
  • 2 years warranty.