€ 90,00

The radio control can be purchased individually as a spare part or to addition it to the Beeper 2000xp® with receiver module.

Each Beeper 2000xp® accepts 2 radio controls, which means that you could even hunt with 3 beeper coupled on one or even two radio controls.

  • The remote control unit can control up to 3 beeper dog collars 2000 xp at same time.
  • It works with 2  12V batteries (MN21)
  • Signal of the battery consumption status by the led that change colour (red, orange, green).
  • Possibility to switch on or switch off all three beepers at the same time by the remote control.
  • Possibility to silence the beeper when the dog stops, by pressing the coloured button when you hear the sound of dog in stops. It will restart automatically when the dog will change its behaviour.
  • Possibility of knowing where your dog is by pressing the coloured button correspondent to the color of the respective beeper.
  • Weight: 67 gr. including batteries
  • Range: About 300 mt
  • 24 months warranty.
  • Complies with CE / Raee / Rohs regulations.